art "Road in the West of Ireland" is a sketch of a particularly arduous road that we encountered along the coast. It was interesting in the sense that it was like a long serpent stretched out over the undulating landscape with parts disappearing into the folds of the mountains only to appear again in the distance. It is the kind of road where you seriously concentrate on staying alert and to your side of the road. The blind corners and blind rises in the road make driving more of a contest and by the end of the passage through the mountains I often was perspiring with nervous anticipation of what the next hill might hide coming the other way. I think it would be absolutely thrilling, like a roller coaster to drive this stretch in an MG or an old Triumph. My biggest fear was that an oncoming car might be driven by an American who would panic and seek safety on the wrong side of the road. In truth I love the little roads in Ireland. I hope that they are not all gone by the time we visit again.
Music: The Old Rambler

Road in the West of Ireland

Winding roads travel in and out and up and down
They hug the contours of the mountainside
We were happy to reach the next little town
And take a break from the amusement-park ride
The local pub offering a stout of dark brown
Together we sipped and we sighed

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