art Jesus on the cross in Saint Germain on Rue St Germain is depicted in full size. I ventured into the cool dimly lit church and was struck by how ancient the interior of the building appeared. When I finally turned to leave I was amazed at the visual impact of the life size crucifixion of Jesus. I think it was the bright yellow light in which the work was bathed. For several years I carried this view around in my head and finally sat down one day and painted it. It was truly and amazing sight. I also noted that the feet were nailed separately and from that point on I have checked every crucifixion I have seen to see if they show them separately nailed or nailed as one. I have seen both. I also check to see which side of the torso shows the wound. Again I have seen both. When I was painting this I came to His face and I realized I didn't know the color of His hair or if He had a beard. I was just sort of playing with some paint and suddenly I felt it was finished as though it just happened - so I left it at that.

Music: Dreams of Alwyn
(Isle of Innisfree)

The following History the Church of St. Germain came from this website - click here!


The Church of St.Germain des Pres is the oldest of Paris. According to a legend it was built in the 6th century by Childebert I of Spain around the golden cross of Salomon and the tunic of Saint Vincent. The church (as many churches in Paris) was destroyed by the Normans (they used the wood to repair their drakkars!) in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 11th. From then the abbey will become very popular and attract a lot of wise men and scholars. It seems that about 10,000 people lived in a small space inside the walls surrounding as well the church as the Benedictine abbey. Around the middle ages the abbey came under the direct orders of the pope.

During the French revolution, the abbey had to suffer a lot. Everything was looted, destroyed and burnt. Even the ancient graves of the Merovingians had to disappear. And to complete the disaster the library burnt down in 1794. Only great tower and the choir of the 12th remain. So did the abbatial place (at the corner of rue de l'Abbaye and rue du Passage de la Petite Boucherie). In one of the chapels, decorated with a modern sculpture of St.Germanus, you can easily spot some original elements of the early style of the church. Left of the church a little square with a sculpture of Picasso in honour of Apollinaire and ruins of a chapel of the Virgin

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