art Overlooking Paris from Montmartre in the Spring as evening falls and the first lights begin to glow. We watched as the Effiel Tower lights came on and took its place as one of the jewels of the City of Lights.

Music: Dreams of Alwyn
(Isle of Innisfree)

On the Streets of Paris

The Pedestrians walking by - Rue St. Germain on windy day
Crepes fresh to buy - and only a few Francs to pay
I ate my Crepes of fruit and cream
As the scene unfolded like a dream
People coming and going
The wind continuously blowing
The steaming crepes given a glowing eye
Later that night we ate near by
The music was Greek
And we sat cheek to cheek
The night wore on
Until just about dawn
Brochette of lamb, shrimp and other meats
Came piping hot and long before the sweets
The words were unknown to me
I have no idea what was said
The notes and beat were strange to me
As they bounced around my head
The walls and beams were very old
Imagine the stories that could be told

Erato Lyric

In Paris I remember walking down the avenues
And I remember most sharing the moments with you, my muse
I can see now the vistas gathered on our walks
I can hear again the whispered words of our intimate talks
The taste of our evening wine and food
Resonated all night in a fine soft mood
We opened the hotel window to catch the night air
Across the way looking back at me, were two people completely bare
As they looked at me, they apparently didnít seem to care
But I, interested in the moon didnít want to seem to stare
Paris is a place where people live with a definite flare!

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