art Saint Theodorit was a wonderful discovery in Uzes.
Sometimes when you are not looking for anything
in particular you come across something that is truly
delightful. This old church was a magnet to activity on
all sides. Pétanque similar to 'boules' or balls was
being played in a gravel area under the large trees to
the right. Old men played and were very vocal and money
exchanged hands often during the play. The shooters
several times hit the jack on the fly as we watched.
Old women in black with black scarves sat on a nearby wall.
Younger women chatted while children were playing nearby
with a soccer ball. To the back of the church a portable
dance floor was set up with chairs surrounding the wood floor.
Music was coming from a record player that was at the end of
a very long extension cord that snaked across the gravel and
disappeared through a window into the church. New partners
were selected from the fold up seats that surrounded the
floor after each song. They were mostly older couples or
singles and very talented dancers who seemed to be having a
wonderful time. Further behind the church was a steep cliff many
stories high which had a number of places to sit as a narrow
trail led to the bottom. The cliff was wooded and the seating areas
were very elaborately constructed of stone. In several you could
see couples embracing. Music playing from portable radios made
the scene somewhat romantic. Far below was a green pasture
with horses and a stream running through it. At one end there
appeared to be a soccer goal. It was an enchanting place.
Inside all was quiet, cool and still, smelling of incense.

Music: Dreams of Alwyn
(Isle of Innisfree)

Saint Theodorit in Uzes

The grounds of the church were an attractive setting
The pétanque players were actively betting
While the old women in black watched from afar
Children practiced to become tomorrow's soccer star
Dancers danced passionately on a makeshift floor
Just a few of the activities out the church door

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