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In this series of stories I try to capture my experiences, feelings and observations of Ireland as I reflected on my travels there. I spent about 25 years wandering around Ireland as often as I could. I would keep a journal from each trip which contains notes and drawings. It wasn't long before what started as a curiosity became an obsession. To augment my travels I have accumulated a large number of books on Ireland or with Irish themes. If I get time I will list a few that I found entertaining or useful for the purpose of understanding Ireland. It is a very complex place that on first glance does not seem that complicated but it is. Its long history of suppression and sadness overcome only by the tenacity of the Irish themselves is incredible.
Literature including poetry is currently being given much credit for the Irish Cultural survival. It is interesting that much of the early literature on Ireland was not written by the Irish themselves but by the English or the Anglo-Irish. This is not surprising when you consider the history and abject deprivation of the people. Granted there were a few but rare individuals such as William Carleton (4 March 1794-30 January 1869). His work "Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry" (18303) won him a great reputation. "The Black Prophet: a tale of Irish Famine" (1847), set during the Great Famine, describes the moral and social ills of Irish society and the horrors of famine and is considered his most famous novel. There are other great Irish writers to be sure but even the great William B. Yeats was Anglo-Irish.
My stories reflect the interesting tidbits that may or may not be unique to me. I think they are but I've heard the comment "only in Ireland" to explain away the circumstances that can't seem to be explained any other way.

Please be patient - a lot of editing still needs to be done. Everything you read in this section is still considered a draft.

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