Book Picture Amazing Loo Pipes in Ireland

We stopped in Lahinch on the coast not far from Ennistymon. Ennistymon requires a story in its own right. We had heard that Lahinch was a seaside resort and that is true but not the time of year we were there. It has a beautiful bay where all kinds of sea sports are available during the year. Unfortunately the days that we were there it was storming and no one was out and about. The recreation center was full of people of all sorts. We decided we would get out of the rain and check out the arcade games. I liked the one where you put in quarter sized coins and a little plow continuously pushes the coins over the front ledge. If they fall down to the next level the little pushing mechanism pushes on this level too. You put in a coin and the mechanism pushes it toward the front edge. If it pushes a coin over the bottom ledge it drops into a chute and comes out. Thus it is a gambling device which is addicting. I played for a while until I realized it wasn't that easy and I was never going to get rich.

Looking around for a place to eat we spotted a few establishments along the main village road. One was a dark pub that my daughter wanted to go in for a Guinness. It was not the kind of place for a young woman but she thought I was being sexist. I tried to calm her by saying I wouldn't want her brother to go in there either. It was dark and the customers sipped their drinks slowly and all of them were wearing hats. It just didn't look friendly.

Next door was a little cafe named The Bus Stop. Simple fare like hamburgers and toasted cheese sandwiches. I wanted to wash up and the waitress pointed to the loo. I had not heard that word before and was not sure what to expect. On the other side of the door was an intricate system of copper pipes. They came up from the floor and down from the ceiling. There were so many pipes I couldn't believe it or make sense of it. I spent a good 5 minutes tracing them from side to side and from top to bottom. I don't know how to explain it other than to say it was a maze. Then I noted that one pipe emptied into a hole about a foot across in the floor. It was constantly flowing into the hole in the floor. I could not believe it. When I came out I asked the waitress if it was supposed to continuously flow because I couldn't figure out how to turn it off. That is the way it works she said as if I couldn't figure it out. Oh, okay I said but I took another look in there before we left. Actually we saw a number of loos in Ireland that were strange and not up to my standards but then again whatever works. Now most of the loos in Ireland are pretty standard. I saw on down Near Tralee that had a stone about four feet high like a small standing stone set in a basin of pebbles. I was looking around when I saw another man use it - so when in Ireland...

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