art The Smoking Man is a rendition of an image etched indelibly in my memory. It was well after midnight and we were speeding along a narrow and dark country lane anxious to get back to our cottage near Kilgarvan, Ireland. Suddenly a man, darkly dressed was standing in the road. We missed him but we were curious as to what he was doing there at that time of night. Our landlord said he is a neighbor that lives up the road and that he was trying to quit smoking. He makes it through the day but gives up and goes to the pub at night where he buys five cigarettes. Unfortunately he smokes them all before he gets back to his cottage. By the way he said you scared him pretty good and he now thinks he can quit for sure. It is painted on slate from an abandoned 1825 school on road R569.

Music: Paddy's Leather Breeches

The Smoking Man

He gave me such a fright
As I nearly ran him over in the night
His eyes were very wide and mostly white
I think Iíll always recall the sight
As the head light beams caught him just right
I sped passed, an inch to spare, as the lane was so tight

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